Product design

  • Client: Bosphorus AB
  • Case: Product design and branding
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Within packaging design there is a lot of things that are appealing for a perfectionist like me. I love the contrast between creative flow and calculations, the moment between unprecedented creativity and measuring millimeters is a satisfying challenge for the mind. For me, product design rarely originates in color and form, but rather in selection of material and efficiency. That’s how I slowly learned to implement the idea of sustainability in design

Between 2015-2018 I worked as marketing creative director for a leading food company in Sweden, Bosphorus food cluster. With the responsibility for marketing several product lines and creating the visuals for the brands including product and label design. Following is a selection of previous cases.

Packaging design for Bosphorus Smart meals product line including Mini Deli, Wrap and Familjepack made with recycled craft paper from certified forestry.

Wrap paper, Mini Deli,  Smart Bowl label design created with awesome graphic designer Helena Andersson. Check out her work!

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