Yasemin Öztenar

Thank you for taking time to check out my creative space. A space that combine my passion for telling stories in many forms. I am a visual designer, journalist and communicator holding a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Stockholm University and graphic design and marketing studies from University of Sunshine coast in Australia. But that’s only one side of the story. What truly leads me on this career path of creating and communicating is to use every tool I have to create with purpose. To tell a story worth be told, to learn, educate and leave something more meaningful behind.

A while ago I decided to change the way I am living. I took a conscious decision to allow myself to be more present in life. I had a great job as marketing manager, I had worked as a TV-reporter and on paper I had a successful life, but less time to do what I really wanted. I decided to move away from the streets of Stockholm and today I am exploring, evolving and creating, every day with a mindset that there is still more to learn. I work location independently combining my knowledge and previous studies to create with value and purpose. The last years I have found an endless inspiration by exploring the life under the surface. With my interest of ocean conservation and environmental awareness and my yoga teacher background I have found a purpose in creating to bring awareness to the things we care about the most. My work is across multimedia, from filming and editing, graphic design, consulting on social media strategies or research and write articles, too connecting with people.

Creative director, Journalist, designer, Yoga teacher, Photographer
or just a human being doing things...

Per aspera ad astra

One of the benefits of working remotely is the freedom of choosing the environment you surround yourself in almost every single day. For me this is crucial in a creative yet highly methodical work, you tend to need that variation of high-tech screen time and value.

For me the world around is what is inspiring me, whether it is below the surface or at a conference on the future of innovative solutions for sustainable development, my aim is that my work serves for greater good. Working with organisations, dive centres and companies that shares the same value, is simply a win-win situation. I get the pleasure of combining passion and work while contributing to something bigger. To be in that space of creativity is timeless and limitless. I believe when you do what you truly love you are simply the best version of yourself.