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Design that speaks to the space between imagination and reality

Datfish studio is a creative & location-independent design studio focused on visual design and production including branding, photography, videography, visual design, communication, and art. The aim of the work is to speak to the space between imagination and reality, between earth and water, sand and the universe – to leave each project served for its true purpose.


Brand content

We work with compelling visual and graphical design, engaging stories and progressive campaigns that blend style with sustainability. Design/ photoshoots/ illustrations, both digital and artisanal.

Packaging design

We are specialised in packaging design within the food industry. Providing unique, creative and cost effective design solutions for packaging and label design that highlights your product or its content.

Social content

Consistent content on your social channels that leaves lasting impressions, drives traffic and engages new audiences. Social media management and coaching. Both copy and visual.

Photo and motion

Creatively driven photography and films conveying your brand, a feeling or message in a memorable way. Production for marketing on social media and websites. Storytelling/ promotion videos.

Creative Direction

Brand development to help you bring out what you aspire to. With our full attention we create projects that leads to successful long-term branding. Digital marketing/ webistes/ print/ strategy guidelines.

Post production

Retouching, post production and optimization for photography with precision bringing your content to its highest potential. Lightroom/ photoshop/ Premiere pro/ Final Cut.